As a charity, we pride ourselves in the support that we provide to individuals and families that are affected by blood borne cancers; we support each and every person/family individually. The diverse needs that arise from such terrible illnesses manifest in many different ways from person to person, therefore we feel that a "one glove fits all" approach is insufficient.

Each and every support package that LEAF provides is based on initial and ongoing assessments to provide the best opportunity for support possible. LEAF has delivered both direct support to individuals and families, as well as providing equipment to Dorset Cancer Centre, and providing essential blood cancer related training for local nurses for the last 10 years. The level of support and care that LEAF provides to individuals is varied ranging from; emotional support, provision of wigs and support re: consultations and fittings, days out and local short breaks away for quality family time together as well as practical support centred specifically around the diverse needs of each and every individual/family such as home cleaning, transport to hospital, caring for pets, food shopping etc...

Coronavirus update

In light of the ongoing and increasing situation regarding Coronavirus we have taken the decision to postpone our bingo event on 19th March.
We believe that it is important to be socially responsible and play our part in delaying the spread of the virus as well as taking steps to protect our patients and supporters.
Please accept our sincere apologies and we look forward to hosting this event when the situation improves.