Press Release – A Little Love From Leaf and M&S

Leaf, Leukaemia Educating & Fundraising charity are looking to do something very special for blood cancer patients and with the support from M&S Spark Something Good campaign, what better way to launch their idea of creating boxes and bags of goodies for local patients receiving treatment. They will contain items such as lip balm, hand cream, books, warm socks as well as an array of literature helping with wig choices/fitting and financial, practical and emotional support.

With the support from M&S in Poole, the launch of these boxes and bags, called ‘A Little Love From Leaf’ will be taking place in a shop unit next to M&S in the Dolphin Shopping Centre and The Dorset Cancer Centre on 9th June where they will be demonstrating how the boxes and bags will be made up. They are hoping to create awareness of this project in the hope that local companies will want to get involved and support the idea by either fundraising or donating products.

Natasha Hunt from Leaf says “For many people who are diagnosed there is the added pressure that they are admitted into hospital straight away. They are not able to go home and get the things they need or would like.  Some people are put into isolation for several weeks due to their condition.  Some people have no friends or family nearby to help them and before this time probably know nothing about blood cancers.  These people are scared and very poorly.  I found myself in this very position and that’s why I am so passionate to provide people with the support that’s crucial to lift the burden just a little.”

Paul Turner, the Charge Nurse from the Durlston Ward at Poole Hospital supports this project by saying  “This is a fabulous idea which I’m sure will benefit many of our patients. People are often admitted in emergency situations and bringing in such essentials is often the last thing on their minds. On behalf of our patients and all of our staff, I’d like to say a big thank you to LEAF, M&S in Poole and everyone who’s contributed to this project.

Jane Leonard from M&S Poole says “Leaf has been our chosen charity for the past year and we are delighted to be able to provide this opportunity to support local blood cancer patients in the local area. We are hoping to get a lot of visitors on 9th June that will get to see the work that has gone into our fundraising and how this new venture will make a difference to people going through a difficult time”.

Natasha adds “We are looking for local companies or individuals that would like to join us with this project and who could donate any items for us to include in the bags and boxes. We have been so lucky to have the support from Bayquest on The Uddens Industrial Estate who have donated the boxes and we have lots of lovely people sewing bags for us.   We will have a page on our website mentioning all sponsors and would love to hear from you at [email protected]