Exercise and Fitness

Hi my name is Rachel,

I am a certified NASM level 2 and 3 personal trainer .

I work from my home gym in Wimborne and  I work with clients on a 1 - 1 basis or with a friend. Sessions are around an hour long with a personal training session plan written each time for different individual needs / goals .

I’m enthusiastic about helping clients feel comfortable and confident in their sessions, having fun along the way too .

There are lots of wonderful benefits from exercising, not just aesthetics. Whether a patient or a member of the family,

patients that have recovered and had acceptance to participate from their doctor, science shows that exercise can help reduce tiredness, reduce anxiety, depression, strengthen muscle joints and bones.

For family

* exercise can help regain motivation for work or other activities installing a greater sense of inner calm .

* exercise may fight feeling of depression reliving feeling of anxiety, pain , troubled sleeping, fatigue, brain fog .

* exercise triggers release of neon transmitters such as endorphins, serotonin, dopamine which are well known for their role in mood control .

My connection with the Leaf charity is from when Natasha contacted me to help her with feelings of fatigue and trouble sleeping. Natasha suffers with tiredness since she had Leukaemia so I worked out a fitness and nutrition plan tailored specifically to her and with just 4 sessions she began to feel so much better and started to notice a difference with her mood, sleeping patterns, body shape and well-being.

  • For a single hour £30
  • When buying a block of 4 £100
  • Offering a discount of £20.00.