Sue Rae Treasurer from East Dorset Branch of Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research

“Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research are very grateful for the support given to us by LEAF and over the last couple of years they have kindly donated £6500.00 to the Fund. We hope to continue the close ties we have with LEAF over the coming years.”

Pat Sansom, Michaels mother

“At the beginning of June 2008, my son Michael was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia, this was a month before his 19th birthday. It came as a shock for everyone as Michael hadn’t been ill.He had to spend about eleven weeks in an isolation ward as his immunity was so low. It was during this time that the ward clerk, Jenny, mentioned a charity called ‘Leaf’ and suggested I email them. This I did and was very quickly contacted by Tash and Sara offering us a family break for when Michael was discharged from hospital. We all went to Center Parcs, Longleat and had the most wonderful time relaxing and enjoying each other’s company away from a hospital bed.Michael continued his treatment as an outpatient and was determined to regain the physical fitness he’d had prior to his admission. To this end ‘Leaf” took out a membership to the health club Esporta on Michael’s behalf and he became a very regular visitor there. Michael is still in treatment and will be until August 2012. Obviously we are all counting the days, however, the support and great friendship shown to our family by ‘Leaf’ has made what could have been a truly terrible ordeal much more bearable. Thank you Tash and Sara for all you do – long may you continue to bring a bit of sunshine into what could otherwise be a very bleak time for many.”

Quote from The Durlston Ward Poole Hospital LEAF is a great supporter of the haematology ward (Durlston) at Poole Hospital, and has directly contributed to ensuring staff are able to provide the very best expert care to our patients. From funding educational courses and study days to purchasing equipment we may not otherwise have been able to, LEAF’s involvement is invaluable in helping us to continue to offer the highest quality patient experience. In June 2011, 2 Staff nurses attended an education day in London, on Bone Marrow Transplantation. In July 2011 one of our Senior Staff nurses attended a study day in Dorchester, looking at Pain Management. LEAF have kindly agreed to help finance these sessions, which will benefit staff and patients. June 2011